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Integrated Travel Services

We at LKG Forex Ltd. are known for our consistent and customer friendly services that make transactions, and travel easier and hassle-free for our customers. Our aim is to cater to one and all of our customer’s travel needs, and offer reliable, simple, and secure solutions.

Multi Currency VISA Forex Card 

Especially designed for customers whose work, and/or personal life include extensive overseas travel, the Multi Currency VISA Forex Card is a unique product allowing multiple currency loading on a single card. This travel card obviates the need to use another card, or cash for any transactions abroad.

Features and Benefits: 

1. Travel across the globe with a single card

The Multi Currency VISA Forex Card allows numerous currencies, including, but not limited to: USD, USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, CAD, JPY, CHF, SEK, THB, AED, SAR, HKD, NZD and ZAR, on one card. Besides reducing clutter, it makes travel convenient, and hassle free. Payments can be made using this one single card, with no need to use cash, or even another card.

2. Convenience

With the Multi Currency VISA Forex Card, travellers need to maintain only one ATM pin, and one customer portal login password. The card uses funds intelligently, without the need for the customer to choose the current currency. The card uses a single currency wallet across multiple currencies making it stress-free to use.

3. Locked in Exchange Rate

The Multi Currency VISA Forex Card locks in the exchange rate of the currency when it is loaded. Any fluctuation in the currency rate thereafter does not affect the exchange rate of the currency in the card.

4. Validity

The Multi Currency VISA Forex Card can be used up to 5 years. It can be used for multiple trips, and currency can be reloaded as per the traveller’s requirements.

5. Trip Assist – Emergency Assistance Service

In an event of loss of card, or an emergency, the Multi Currency VISA Forex Card has a Trip Assist facility for its customers. These events include theft, loss of baggage/wallet, or loss of card, Trip Assist helps the customer by:

  • Blocking the Multi Currency VISA Forex Card
  • Getting assistance in payment of hotel bill and/or flights
  • Getting the help of an interpreter
6. 24x7 access to funds

The Multi Currency VISA Forex Card can be used at more than 30 million merchant outlets and showrooms, on 100,000 e-commerce websites, and more than a million VISA ATM stations.

7. SMS Alerts

The Multi Currency VISA Forex Card comes with an SMS alert facility. The customer’s mobile number can be registered with the card service, post which each transaction’s alert is sent, via SMS to the registered mobile number.

8. Encashment on Return

On return a refund can be claimed on the unused amount in the card. The refund request can be registered with us in person, or on mail. All refunds will be processed promptly.

9. Security

The Multi Currency VISA Forex Card comes with the added feature of an insurance cover. This insurance helps clear liabilities in event of loss of card.

Insurance Cover: As safeguard against fraudulent usage on the Multi Currency VISA Forex Card,we organize complimentary insurance cover. This protects in event of loss of card, or theft.An insurance cover of up to INR 3,00,000/- is provided.

ATM assault & robbery: a cover of up to Rs. 60,000/- is provided to manage expenses incurred for medical treatment. An FIR in mandatory to avail the benefits of this cover.


Foreign Currency Exchange Services

LKG is committed to provide fast, reliable, safe, and convenient physical foreign exchange services at competitive rates in all the major currencies for both corporate and personal tours.

Features and Benefits:

1. Protecting your money

LKG is based in New Delhi and operates across Delhi/NCR which means that we have chosen to operate in a highly regulated environment.

2. Our Best Customer Exchange Rates

We offer all major foreign currencies with the most competitive exchange rates on all your holiday, travel, commercial and business money. This apart, we offer instant availability on all major currencies with no additional service charges. We also specialize in the more obscure currencies, sometimes hard to obtain from high street suppliers.

3. At your Doorstep  

In addition to the advantageous exchange rates, we also provide delivery of foreign currency at your doorstep. This ensures secure and hassle free exchange for you during the busy days and schedules.

4. Prompt Response and Services

LKG is equipped with ultra modern facilities at its office in Delhi. With a specialized team at the helm, we take pride in providing our customers speedy response to their queries and prompt services at all times.


Domestic and International Air Ticketing

LKG has a specialzed team handling individual and group bookings, equipped with all the facilities for reserving both domestic and international air tickets. Three different types of Copmuterized Reservation Systems (CRS) – India Airlines Sabre and Amadeus, equip us for immediate response to your queries and instant bookings.


Travel Insurance Services

LKG recognises the importance of purchasing quality travel insurance before you embark on your journey. Having good travel insurance in India will not be sufficient to cover you when you travel outside India as few Indian health insurance policies cover you outside India. The Overseas mediclaim insurance policy offered by LKG along with Trawelltag and TATA AIG, helps you travel abroad in peace by leaving the financial burden of any medical emergency to the insurance company.


Global Hotel/Resort bookings

From Luxury hotels to budget accomodations, we provide the best deals and discounts for hotel rooms anywhere around the globe. Our Customer Relationship Team will help you find best deal in the right location. Whether you are travelling last minute, as a family or need a hotel for business travel, we have the right hotel deal for you.      


Foreign Remittances – Individual

We understand that requirements could be unique as one of the leading service provider for foreign remittances through syndication with the bank, our endeavour is to help you make the most of what India has to offer. Be it investments or simply remitting money to your nears and dears abroad, our remittances solutions help you achieve all of them and help you conveniently transfer money anywhere in the world.

LKG is an authorized agent for both Western Union and MoneyGram Money Transfer services, and has been providing money withdrawal services to clients across various sectors from around the globe.